stories that I could tell

I safely arrived in London, but in cold and tight shoes. Don’t know why. Our feet were swollen badly. Macam orang mengandung pula. For full report, read pr3ttych3rry’s. Just want to add some interesting stories:

I really like Arsenal’s new stadium. I think that is the best place in London to be visited. There are so many people complaining about it’s construction; nearby inhabitants welfare regarding traffic flows during match day and so forth. Overall, it’s nice.

The day we arrived in London is the day the Britons celebrated Diana’s memorial. 9 years had passed and Harrods towkay still commemorate both of them and people still do the ritual of placing flower bouquets in front of their memorial. May they rest in peace. Al fatihah.

At Claire’s, I met with mood ring. So what’s with it? Moodring: it suits people who always have moodswing and people who are always unsure of their feelings. Read here to know how this stuff works.

Of gay club (kepada sesiapa yang datang dengan kata carian ‘gay club’, selamat datang~welcome~bien venue~awww) We walked along a gay club street, where gay couples meet and partying. They were teasing us by saying (probably looking at my face who had panic attack) ” take off everything that you have”. I was like “Huh? what trouble have I created? Gay? Do they rape girls?”

Krispy Kreme: Dunkin Donuts is much better! Dunkin is much cheaper and yummier laa abg~ Plus, got so many flavour lagi~ Yummy~

Then about picnic: what you need to know is, do not throw stuffs that you haven’t use yet. Haha.

(+) day travel tube ticket: keep it safely in your pockets.
(+) chinese food place-chopstix: love it! vegetable noodles with sweet and spicy chicken. thanks to k. eQin. I’m going to miss chopstix. Not like Krispy Kreme. Huu~

Err… kini angin malas tiba dan Aini akan menjalani hibernasi~Daa~~

5 thoughts on “stories that I could tell

  1. i got it from claire’s, place where you can find cool stuffs and accessories.

    x semestinye mood ring tu kne keliling die leh tuka2 colour, yg leh tuka warne batu tu lg cool. so ppl can see ur mood swing clearer (not so actually since it reacts to body temperature). heheh.

  2. ahaha…Dik Sinee, jangan hibernasi lelama..nanti mood ring dah xleh pakai sbb dia ingt awak dah kiok hahaha

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