Ainee’s Celebrity look-alike

*Ainee sangat gembira hari ni (walaupun dia tak mendapat tidur yang cukup), kerana dia ingin mengumumkan dirinya sudah bebas dari belenggu kertas kerja. MERDEKA!!

I found this stuff while I’m at the climax of my assignment due time.
My hand was so gatal to do the blogging but my head tell me do not.
Too many temptations when it is the time to finish the assignment.
Too many people wants to YM with me when I was struggling with my vocabulary.
Too many interesting things to write about yet so little time.

Ok, from this analysis (OMG, my head is still tuning to assignment language!) of my face heritage and these celebrities, I found these similarities:

  1. Matsushima Nanako– Nose, eyes and skin tone.
  2. Gal Fridman– Cheek
  3. Miranda Otto– Concave chin* and nose
  4. Vannevar Bush– Nose and eyebrow
  5. Kim Rae won?! –His charm and smile 😛
  6. Claude lelouch– Nose
  7. Milan Kundera-Eyebrow
  8. Chuck Yeager — Nose

*I’m not sure of the appropiateness of this term. Maybe some sifus can help me. Can I use curve instead?

Only 2 female celebrities that shares resemblance with me. The rest, guy. Hmm.

4 thoughts on “Ainee’s Celebrity look-alike

  1. Uhum. Maybe. But must remember something. We come from one root. Adam and Hawa (dont say Eve – it is Christian Terms!)

  2. yeah u do look like nanako…yeah betul…hehe…
    dagu lekuk in english? em i dunno…

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