Big Brother 7 Winner

Finally, the result for BB7 finalists have been finalised.

After 93 days, it’s over.

It is claimed that this is the bitchest Big Brother ever.
(watch Davina’s interview during the week which Sam was evicted)

The combination of the housemates is quite unique: gay, porn star, model, unemployed, Welsh, bitches, plastics, freaks, F-bomb girl, lil’ girl, geek, and a tourette guy.

There were tears, boobs competition (who’s da biggest?), catfights, bitching, laughter, intimate and lovey dovey scenes (3 couples!).

As expected, favourite Pete won BB7. His premonition came true. He won 100K.

You’re the man, Pete!

Wonder what’ll happen to your love story with Nikki. You guys were snogging like crazy when she re-entered the house.

Congrats mate.

(I wish you’re my housemate dude!)

2 thoughts on “Big Brother 7 Winner

  1. weh…apa la yg besh sgt ngan BB glad its over!!! huhu…esaimen dah siap sis?? hehe..meh pulang buku aku aku tak wat mende lagi nih..cuti tinggal sebulan jek..T_T

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