Of friendship day

Yesterday there were few friends who wished me ‘happy friendship day’. Unfortunately, 1st August is not the day. It’s on the first Sunday of August actually. But it’s OK. What matters is the wishes. May Allah bless all my friends and if this is ukhwah fillah, I hope it will last for eternity.

MARJONIANS, FC2.4 ’04, IPBARIANS, Cataluna9802s, Happy friendship day!

3 thoughts on “Of friendship day

  1. Happy Friendship Day, Ainee!!!

    do not know much about you…
    but i remember you as a fan of Tierry Henry & all things France…
    we shud catch up with a cup of coffee one day…

    Although limited, from my observations i find that you’re a great person!
    (even greater if you cook something for me… hehe…)
    I appreciate you!


  2. aine!!
    pkul 5 pg nyer wishhh..

    hApPy FrIeNdShIp DaY!!!!!
    ainee ni bdak paling comel yg ak penah jumper..pandai ckp+pandai amik ati org,pandai jaga kwn..haha

    kwn nih susah nak dapt kn,lagi2 cam ainee nih..nak jaga member2 nih xsusah sgt pon rasenye,xpayah nk kena tepon ari2,duduk jauh2 pon xper,x jumper 1,2 taun pon xkesah..cuma jarang2 skali tepon ker,wish bday ker,friendship day ker..pon dah cukup.jd,balas ler wish ni balik,
    hahah(best kawan ngan ainee nih)


  3. koko’: thanks for d wish. happy friendship day to you too. can you teach me how to catch up a cuf of coffee? (im into pun nowadays, sorry if u dont like my bad joke =P)
    ur a great guy either.
    sifoo grammar maa~

    anon yg comel gaks:
    happy frenship day. asal puji lelebih nie? tau laa i kene jadi tukang dengar masalah umah tangga u. btw, kte mane pnah call each other kan? tp kte good fren kan? hee hee i appreciate ur pukul 5 pagi punya wish.

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