Skype me!

~I don’t know why I’m so sarcastic nowadays. Today, somebody skype-ed me. (See the pic). After my last answer, he (I bet it’s a HE!) didn’t dare to ask me again. LOL~ Have I scared him or what? I believe I’ve geiven a good and honest answer. I never met him. Hahahaha~

If you can’t see the dialogue box (I bet you can’t coz Skype’s font is too small), here’s the transcription:

marksoh: hi
aineekhairi: yo
marksoh: nice to meet u
aineekhairi: i never met u

ROFL!! hahaha~~ sian laa dis guy~

3 thoughts on “Skype me!

  1. haha. i like those kind of sarcasm. if he’s kinda smart enough to counter-reply your sarcasm , i wonder what will happen next.

    yoroshku onigaishimasu šŸ˜€

  2. gosh! Lily went to my page~
    hail lily~~
    i learn a lot from u
    (ur a good teacher tau cik lily!)
    dont laa bungkus ur blog
    it’s my routine n u provide the lesson (dont know what to call the subjkect) notes

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