To Zidane: No worry mate!

I definitely agree with one of hantubola contributors; Vincent. Zidane should kicked Materazzi’s balls (in front of billions people!!) so that he will suffer for his entire life for insulting Zidane and ruining Zidane’s image. Erk, Zidane has no harm actually. Why?

Here is petikan from hantubola. (Note that the pronouns ‘you’ and ‘your’ refer to Zidane)

It is your last game, EVER. Future suspensions are not a concern.

You are a multi millionaire. Fines are not a concern.

You are a living legend. Reputation is not a concern. Maradona is proof of that.

Some half baked player (allegedly) insulted your mum. (ainee’s Q:or is it his sister?)

You decide to go out with a bang.

You head butt him in the chest.

  1. WHY THE eff you didn’t uppercut his jaw and kick him in the balls?
  2. What difference would it have made?!?

Whatever!! If I were Zidane, I worry nothing. Plus, he got golden boot lagi. (See? masin woo mulut aku). Irony ain’t it? To FIFA, just do whatever (stupid) decission you want to do. His career is already ended right after that (stupid) referee sent him out.

What exactly was said between the two remains a mystery (do lip-reading idiots! he definitely insulted Zidane badly) although Materazzi has denied allegations he called Zidane a ‘dirty terrorist’.’I used an insult that I’ve heard used a dozen times and which is heard all the time on the pitch,’ Materazzi told the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper when asked whether he had insulted Zidane’s sister.’I certainly did not call him a terrorist: I’m ignorant (what kind of stupid ignorant who insults?), I don’t even know exactly what an Islamic terrorist is … I also certainly didn’t say anything about Zidane’s mother: for me, a mother is sacrosanct.'(I firmly believe that Materazzi should be careful of raging fans like me, waiting to make him suffer for his entire life!)Hei Materazzi, now you happy laa your tactic works? huh? huh? P.S: Zidane, you should learn from the biatch. They know what to say to make Materazzi cry. Boo hoo! And, yeah, to make Mazzi’s balls suffer ~:D~




2 thoughts on “To Zidane: No worry mate!

  1. Agree with that.
    At least grind his ball into oblivions , so he’d unable to take his penalty kick’s properly.

    Kih kih.

  2. ~:D~

    -3rd witch prophecy-



    thou shall beware of zidane

    that he will shatter your dream and balls~~


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