what will I do if I were single?

  1. Primarily, I will break from the cocoon. That’s a good start anyway.
  2. Learn French. Anyway, French language is much sexier than Japanese.
  3. Go for facial treatment. After damaging my skin because of stress, insufficient amount of sleep and plenty of tears,
  4. Go for manicure.My fingers need attention actually.
  5. Go for pedicure. My feet need attention as much as my fingers either.
  6. I will have a shopping blast. Buy good fashionable clothes and jewelleries to the new single me. Treat myself. Pamper myself. Heaven~~
  7. Do voluntary work. I want to develop a new friendly helpful network. Anyway, it will build many positive aura after all, ain’t it? Who knows I will meet good rich guy over there.
  8. Read Lily’s blog entries. Try to learn to be smart like her. (Not bitchy OK? but maybe I need it for emotion-protection-layer for my heart. I am not dumb to be dump).
  9. Trip to French or meet Henry at Emirates Stad. Give him a memorable hug. *grin*
  10. Smile to myself, be positive, list the next 10 things I want to do before I reach age 30.

さよなら 大好きな人
涙よ 止まれ
さよなら 大好きな人

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