kdrama marathon

I watched these series for about 4 days. (I’ve watched it before back in Malaysia, on 8TV) Why do I love this story so much? I like Soo In’s character. So cute, kind hearted, smart, angelic, strong, considerate, and the list goes on. She’s the cutest among Kdrama actresses. This story really motivates me. Once, I became so enthusiastic to study after watching this drama. Why do people like kdrama so much? (I’ve discussed this with abg yos) The recipe is; sad plot, handsome actor, beautiful and kawaii actress, and~ I don’t know. It’s so addictive. ~:P

Right now, I’m watching stairways to heaven. What I like about this drama is the way they act. The stepmother treat her badly to the extreme. Just like Cinderella. However, Jung-Suh didn’t rebel and try to make his father happy. What I learn from them are: life is tough and good people will gain happiness in the end. Bad people will get eveything at first, and lost everything in the end. (Sounds like karma eh?) I learn a lot by watching these movies. Trying to nurture my heart to be strong and kind like them. Insya-Allah.

O yeah, I also learn that, bad people or not-so-bad-actually but using nasty strategy, won’t get the love in the end 🙂
Does it apply in this real life anyway?
Hope so~~

One thought on “kdrama marathon

  1. erk panjang ah bi…..
    penat nk bace……
    len kali gune bhs kebangsaan MALAYSIA bole x….
    huhhuuhu majulah sukan utk negare…
    (bile la mesia nk power bola nieee)

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