im a green-eyed monster

His name? Muhammad Sulaiman Nasrullah 🙂

Isn’t he cute? Adorable? Smiling at his father (I guess) *sigh*

Suddenly, just so suddenly, I am feeling broody. I got a news, one of my married friends, got a baby boy. I suddenly feel so jealous. Is this one of the sign that I’m going to be a woman? I really don’t know. Just blame the PMS. Have a look on his pictures. He is so cute! I bet he will be a good+handsome+smart lad. My reason? He have two intelligent adults (so he will get a lot of scaffolding), his mom is an architechture student of International Islamic University, his father is an ustadz. Plus, he got a perfect combination of his parents’ profile, and I consider he is lucky because he is definitely healthy. Anyways, congratulation hamizah. May Allah bless you and your family.

2 thoughts on “im a green-eyed monster

  1. aiyooo….ini budak manyak comel ooo.. wa manyak jeles juga… huhuhu.. nak baby gak!!!!!! abah… nak adik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huhuhu… (*_*)

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