erk, aku silap pilih kos ke?

sdg membace blog nisah hj haron (english nyer version) tetibe tbace topik nieh. kak nisah shud learn french. while i, japanese. huh?? but it’s true somehow…the language itself is unique.. hurm~~~ kalo ckp kat dr z nie, agak2 de bg tuka kos ke x aa? haha…

You Should Learn Japanese

You’re cutting edge, and you are ready to delve into wacky Japanese culture.
From Engrish to eating contests, you’re born to be a crazy gaijin. Saiko!

What Language Should You Learn?

2 thoughts on “erk, aku silap pilih kos ke?

  1. My goodness! What makes you start blogging? I reckon I know the reason…kot. Maybe I should change my question into what makes you start blogging at this time for I have actually started mine 2 days earlier! What a coincident!

    But I want to keep my blog for myself first, keep it personal.Hihi. I am not as brave as you!

    Keep on writing. Dont laugh if I tell this, I have already wrote 6 entries in 3 days. Haha…bende tgh hangat, laju je. I hope both of us will be consistent bloggers. Insya Allah. All the best!

  2. Really? Coincidence happens…nape lak nk laugh abt ur smangat memblog? Mula2 nie mmg la smangat, kot…ganbate kudasai! haha, juz like me, dah nk msk pos ke 4 nie haa..
    abt being brave, im not actually. iit’s just, when i write, i pour a writing+reading person i guess. some people fight with energy, sweat and tears, while I, with quills. Is it sensible jid?

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