I managed to read 2 books in a week time (that’s a tremendous success for a person named Ainee). Hahah. Girls of Riyadh and The girl with a pearl earring.

Girls of Riyadh (thanks nisa) tells me that it is a universal thing, that girls want freedom, to be loved and to be taken care of. I wonder why it is very difficult to find a loving and devoted husband like prophet Muhammad. Gosh guys. All you care is your egoistic testicles. For mercy heaven sake, Allah loves those who love their family.

When I first saw the book “eh! scarlett johansson’s movie!” and then I picked it up and borrowed it from my favourite library. The girl with a pearl earring managed to make me read it till the end. But most of the time, it manages send me to deep sleep. thanks. at least i had my sleep back. hahah. but yeah, overall, it manages to keep the thrill. 3 stars for the book. Not so scandalous as i expected. Heh.

2 thoughts on “Bookalicious

  1. “Allah loves those who love their family”

    i think this applies to both man and woman, not just man. Allah did not say it should be the sole responsibility of a man to love a family.
    Please . Do not let your personal experience taints your view about people. Some people like us, are not very fortunate to have a warm and loving relationship. But, this situation does not give us any license to bash one party/person only. Relationship is about two people who relate and take care of each other, not only for man to take care of the woman.

    come on
    we, women, talk about emancipation. but at the same time, we portray ourselves as if we are the weakest person on earth, who need other people to take care of us. And if that other people did not take care about us, we label them. We call them names. But we seem to forget to ask ourselves first, ‘what have I done to take care of my own self’.

    And at the end of the day, we are still angry at people who say that we are the weaker gender. How sad.

    Show them that we can!

  2. anon: this is not my point of publishing this entry. since u dont know me, ur points are not relevant. thanks for having the gut to write a comment altho you didn’t put ur name.

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