Beauty and beautiful

Beauty is what the society has defined. Tall, skinny, fair, slim. Beautiful is searching your inner soul and appreciate yourself and your beloveds. Out of billions of human population, how many have made it to modelling agency and be a cover girl?


Minority, right? So why bother satisfying those who do not matter to you when you should be grateful with god-given body and face? My mother embedded me with beauty image ever since I was little. I do not blame her though. But there are times that her criticism became an eye opening advice. Like, I do not take care of myself good enough till my sole dehydrate or I forgot to trim my nails. Those came out because of pure mother’s intinct to take care of her daughter physically.

As I got married, of course I have dilemma not to bare it all and inferiority complex especially after giving birth. But my husband has almost made me feel touched. He makes me feel beautiful without makeup and liposuction. Man fell in love because of the heart and  . Not the face and body. I used to think that my bf will leave me once the beauty is gone. I was WRONG! It’s the bitchy attitude and lack of healthy relationship that will lead to divorce and bickering.

On the other hand, I support cosmetic surgery due to physical impairment and humanity. I’ve been following Korean’s controversial reality makeover show until season 4. It never failed to bring me tears. Koreans are very judgemental when it comes to beauty. There was this case, a husband kicked and punched his wife because her physical changes after she gave birth. I saw severe case of mallocussion which unallows her to join social meetings and eat meats. The story behind the so called ugly face is just heartbreaking.

To be continued…

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