Handling reluctant learners

Today is a lucky day because I had kursus at my school. Yeay!! Everyone loves working on Satudays kan? Extra miles, extra baju to be gosok, extra effort to wake up from the comfy bed but today,Β  is different Saturday.

In the morning all the teachers had to underwent exam regarding P&P (teaching and learning). Bah! Humbug. I don’t even read a thing. I’ll just use the theory of merepeklogy. Haha. Dah la dok sebelah Kak Su. Intai dia, dia pun blur. Aku pun blur. Adeh. Nasib kau la cikgu. Sape suruh tak hafal SKPM elemen 9 yg sepatutnya melekat di hati. Oh. Enough of the bad introduction of my lucky Saturday.

Then, Encik L presented about S-Belt for English teachers. Quite interesting but I think I need more time to digest it. He focused on Listening and Speaking skills. But then during the very last hour of his session, I asked a crucial question “We can do many things for listening and speaking activity, but I failed to make this particular pupil listen to me”. I am frustrated to teach the last class. All my class are problematic ones (I wonder why I am punished in such way). We had small talk and I concluded that I am still a newbie and I have to keep on trying to ignite the young torch (I call the children torch because they are just like fire; angry, bright and enthusiastic. Ewah!)

Right. The climax for the kursus was, I listened to Cikgu A’s talk, on understanding problematic young juveniles. His speech is rather touching. The most memorable one was “Kita nak budak berubah. Kita ni siapa la. Sedangkan nabi nak mengubah orang pun ada yang tak berjaya. Nabi Nuh contohnya. Walaupun bukit dah nak tenggelam, tapi dia tak boleh nak ajak anak isteri dia ikut dia. Apatah kita sebagai manusia biasa. Siapalah kita berbanding nabi“.(In conclusion, we should not give up in changing their behaviour to better)

Aduiiii. It was a hard blow. Really feel smacked. I actually gave up on my reluctant learners. They were really kurang hajar, menjawab and challenging my integrity as a teacher. When the problematic boy is absent, the class would be peaceful and I will be free of stress and insanity.

Another point that he mentioned was, by hook or by crook, try not to kicked them out of school because most of them, after they are kicked out from school, they will look for arah hidup (purpose of life) and most of them end up with drugs, crime cases and murders. He said, some of the cases are not that severe to the extent that the pupils need to be kicked out (like kes curi and ponteng sekolah). We can save them, if we don’t expel them.

One case, a boy was expelled when he was Year 3 and he ended up bergelandangan (loitering), mixing with wrong people. Because he is lack of education, the crime that he committed had sent him to lifetime punishment. If he were to be educated till Year 6 (at least), he won’t be that ignorant and following cakap kawan yang tak berguna (it was his friend who gave him silliest idea to commit the murder and run away with the victim’s car). See, how a teacher’s decision can ruin someone’s life?

Even merotan (caning) also has disastrous side effect. But, I won’t discuss about it here. Maybe someday. Once I have time to blog. Tomorrow I got to go for Kem Jati Diri as an urusetua. Oh! Banyaknya kerjaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

5 thoughts on “Handling reluctant learners

  1. I dont think that we should refrain from buanging a student from school.
    Before he is buang, he would have already had 3 warnings & parents would also have been informed.
    If he got buang, memang he wanted to get buang.

    If a person decides with great determination on a life of destruction, what can we do to stop him?
    Better to have him out & save the rest than to have him around to lead other children down his deadend path.

  2. Poor teacher. Sabar je lah….. if he menjawab, sometimes macam tak tahan sangat kan? My brother is like that too… SUka menjawab!! Ish! macm nak lempang je.. tapi, sabar je lah..

    You must be strong okay! I will doakan u!

  3. koko and nisa: i’ve cut the story short. from a 10 minute story u guys can read it for a few minutes only but what i learned, the real world outside there is tougher and more challenging. and we should try our best to save him/her for the 11 years of education. by all means, we all deserve chances. and that boy deserves chances like you guys said. 3 kali amaran, rotan, etc. and we as teachers should be a great one.

    aeesyah: tu la budak2 zaman sekarang. haish~~

  4. Hi teacher! πŸ™‚ how do you do your own website ah?? oh and i agree with syah.. sabar je πŸ˜‰ or then just forget it

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