Mamma Mia premiere

I went to One Utama with Nisha and of course I sang in the cinema! Hahah. But not too loud. I was just humming to myself. If I were not in Malaysia, I think the whole crowd would just sing. Hahah.

We are a few bunch of lucky people who get to watch Mamma Mia before anyone else. Oh, watching ehem2 part in Malaysian cinema as well. Ahaha. I just wonder how that movie gets ‘U’ (Umum) rate. There was butt-flashing, and~~~ dot dot dot. (You’ll get the joke once you watch the movie).

Oh, review. I just can’t accept the face that Pierce Brosnan can’t ‘really’ sing. He should know how to sing if wants to act in a musical! He is way too good looking and he should never let me down! But yeah. He is oh-so-die-hard-romantic in that movie. The songs makes me want to dance. Seriously. I was wearing my bell bottom jeans and my smock top that is meant for twist dance.

I don’t know how but I suddenly lose control
There’s a fire within my soul (Abba-Mamma Mia)

Thank you Nuffnang!!

Pictures coming soon!

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