New York Fugshion week

It’s New York Fashion Week! I couldn’t help it!

Oh, have I told you that I watched The Dark Knight like, thrice? Christophe Lemaire, apparently was inspired by the hit movie. The most left design was inspired from The Joker’s checkered pants, back in Jack Nicholson‘s time (not the gay cowboy, Heath Ledger). Two-face fashion is obviously inspiring. Oh, Harley Quinn as well. Impressive. It’s villain’s time! Where’s Poison Ivy? That’d be picture perfect. The whole union of Batman’s villains.Oh wait. It’s autumn. The leaves are falling.


Ouch. Pardon my PMS. Will this hurt, Lemaire? Excusez moi.

[I feel good when writing this entry. My first fug entry ever. During PMS. aih~ *relief*]

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