Pilates and yoga

I tried pilates for abdomen last time (in Women’s Weekly August 2008) and it worked. So I searched for its book in MPH. Unfortunately, the one that I saw on the shelf is so expensive. Rm60 for A5 size book. Last week, I was trying to tracked Mas, but on the way, I found this huge book of pilates and yoga, costs at Rm29.90.

Without any delay, I grabbed and paid. The pictures are helpful and vivid. It’s not a substitute for yoga guru. Anyways, it’s a good try. Worth it.

One thought on “Pilates and yoga

  1. Don’t try pilates or Yoga without supervision has they can end up harming you. We have lot of opportunities here in the Univ. I was interested in the Yoga classes but pulled out after I found out that everyone in the class were women.

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