Aku mimpi sorang lagi mamat yang aku turut sayangi. Buat masa sekarang dia tak boleh dihubungi kerana dia sedang berkelana mencari diri sambil hisap rokok murah.

Mimpinya, kami menghabiskan masa bersama secara damai. Shoe hunting, loitering at cafe and had small talk. It’s kind of weird because we’re never like that in the real world. We’re noisy. We argue. We insult each other. We rock!!

I was trying to get up from the slumber but I just can’t. My eyelids were heavy, so did my heart. I woke up with a fuzzy head. I woke up with a worrying heart. I felt uneasy. I felt something wrong somewhere.

I tried to contact a bunch of close peeps. I failed to communicate with him directly.

To the half, please take care of yourself. Please don’t get into trouble. Please don’t insult any Europe policeman. Come back safely and let’s have another fight.

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