10 top things that makes ainee feels uncomfortable

10- dirty toilet rim (you don’t squat on it you moron! some even tercabut because of excess body weight. haih! )

9- obnoxious malaysians who spits, urinate in public places, not queuing (the list is longer but i think im going to be immuned to it since many have survived. i’m a survivor yeah!)

8- expensive phone bill which the other half needs to pay :s

7- mixture of people’s body odour during peak time of LRT (hold your breath!)

6-lousy school administration and ****ing toxic teacher.

5- breathing the same air with the person you’ve had bad argument with.

4- the mall is having mega sale–you need to save most of your quids and you don’t have time to go for shopping due to workload.*pulls hair*

3- your nation leader is not smart and the nation is suffering great inflation.

2- you haven’t typed out your lesson plan but your body is ****ing exhausted but you can’t go to sleep because you have to type your lesson plan but you cannot type your lesson plan because you’re tired.

1- when your students are experienced of watching pornographic material, bragging about their peni* and all. which you thought previously, they are angelic. and now you’re freaked to stand up in front of the class without having a thought “what are they thinking? what are they looking at?”.

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