Demi anak2 kita

This morning, during school assembly, I had very very painful stomache. I kenot even stand when we are supposed to sing some song. It’s much worse than period pain. It’s unbearable. I kenot tahan till I cry.

Then Nisha bwk g klinik kat ss6, mkn kt mamak sebelah amek ubat ape sume then blk skolah, dek penangan dadah, aku pon landing atas meja.

kol 1230 patutnya ada satu period ngan kelas 4 lili. tapi cikgu derg msk gantikan aku. (demit, siod aku berjaga smlm wat lesson plan).

sekali dtg a few girls tnya aku “cikgu kiteorang datang nak tolong cikgu angkat barang buleh?”

*tersentak* *terharu* *mamai*

“urm, sorry, i’m not going to enter your class today, cikgu S will. I’m not feeling well. But you can help me to pass up these books to 4 Ros. Thank you”.

Dear god, please allow me to be healthy for the sake of these kids. Now my heart knows why you’ve chosen me to be a teacher.

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