Pengalaman mengajar pertama kali

[for god’s sake, I’m so lazy to use the shift key]

Hari ni masuk 2 buah kelas, 4 masa, 2 jam. Agak penat sebenarnya sebab tak pernah continuously jerit kat budak2 selama 2 jam.

hari ni introduce topic transportation kat diaorang. so i started the lesson by asking their names, and mode of transport to the school. most of the time they don’t pay attention to their friend. they are much interested chit chatting with each other.then i asked them whether they can hear their friend or not. but it’s kind of boring, as pupils are repeating same line. i did not manage to hold their attention. thus i fasten the process. i try to remember some names. k, proceed to the next activity.

I taught them riddles. Alhamdulillah they get it right. as long as they get the concept, i’m fine with it. Riddles will make them think, and play with language. Some needs translation. Some comes up with good and bombastic one like “I carry Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong, I travel on space, what am I?”. Haha. Gosh. That is so geek. That one comes from a Chinese boy.

Then I end my teaching practise for today by helping them to draw for seni visual week. By 1030, any P&P should be stopped and students are required to draw. Their drawing will be chosen for school level and will go for competition. I tried to inspire them. Most of them are soooo exam oriented.

Student: Cikgu, dia tengok buku!

Me: La, bia la. Sometimes we need inspiration and example.

Student: Cikgu dia tiru saya.

Me: Ala, tak semestinya dia lukis sebijik macam awak.

Student: Cikgu, is this an exam? Is this a test?

Me: No, absolutely not. Why? (dalam hati) *grrrr*

Gosh. What happen to kids nowadays? Are they experiencing nice childhood? They are becoming adult too soon. I hope they won’t miss good childhood and education.

8 thoughts on “Pengalaman mengajar pertama kali

  1. my fullest day would be thursday, 730 til 930am PJ w the Yr 1s. then english, fr 930am til 1120am. by the time 1120am rolls around, im abt ready to plop n die. PJ w yr 1, damn tiring wei! gluck n enjoy ur prac. i love the level 1s, theyre so much bttr to teach than level 2. lvl 2s are so mengada ngada blergh!

  2. children nowadays learn to play multiple roles earlier~~
    there is a clash between play & study because there is just no time allocated to playing!
    all time is allocated to studying so you should expect student to use their study time to play…
    thus, the chatting & cheekiness because they know that they aren’t going to get this for fun all the time!

  3. sabarla teacher ainee.
    pengalaman itu menjadikan hidup lebih bererti.
    at least u ade students yang interested nak blaja.


  4. nisa: betul tuh. ai tak merasa rempit 100 meter kejar budak2. haha.

    rb_addict: i’ve done it. a few times.

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