Malaysian Women’s Weekly June ’08

So I was waiting for my aunty doing her shoes-hunting and standing in front of So what will happen when Ainee meets a magazine stall or bookshop? My soft spot is good reading materials. Who says ‘Don’t judge a bookmagazine by it’s cover?’. I was attracted with the issues: “look sexy naked (without exercise)” and “8 fashion must haves”. Moreover, Sasha Bashir is the cover girl (yep! the au naturale beaut host of Beauty Secrets from The East). So, obviously I bought it (temptation huh?).

Issues covered by Malaysian Women’s Weekly

Look sexy naked without any exercise? Blimey! I thought new treatment ke ape. Rupenye nak jual product detox, slimming cream, cellulite cream yada yada. K fair enough. I prefer jogging in Manjung’s MPM Stadium or Universiti Malaya. Cheaper and helps me to have glowing complexion (exercise makes you sweat and helps your blood circulation). So yeah, kalau total round up for those products, mau 2K rasenye. Tapelah. I opt for jogging je la.

8 Fashion must haves!

This one I really like. But for girls who wear hijab like me, needs some adaptation and alteration (fashion is for all k?). Who says I can’t be fashionable even though I’m wearing hijab? (meh ai nak cubit sket). So yeah, everyone needs to have essential top, pants, yada yada in their wardrobe. Ingat artis je ke needs variation in their wardrobe? Cikgu pun kene tau. For example, for our practicum (teaching practice), we need to have at least 30 pairs of baju kurung or we will receive complaint from students (I know one school who complained their teacher for wearing last week’s baju kurung~~hehehe). So yeah, cikgu must be fashionable, decent and presentable. So that your anak² murid will learn some good fashion sense from you.


Anyone wants to buy me this dress from New Look? (18 Pounds)


  1. Malaysian media has shown people some good examples of good ecology naturalistic behavior (saving mother earth basically. I pun tatau asal cam complex je term yg i guna). So it features some artists who practice good habit of ‘green shopping’. I hope there will be more coverage of this issue, and many will follow to conserve mother earth’s resources.
  2. Me and him always argue on my spending habit. And I am so glad that I bought the magazine, which give me tips on how to spend wisely monthly and not being a slave to the money but master of economy. Haha.

Competitions and coupons

So this magazine offers plenty SMS-type competition and offers. Oh, coupons for skin care products from Guardian pun ada. If you don’t want to buy the magazine pun takpa. Ask from me. Sharing reading materials is what we should do from now on, in order to save some trees in our exotic jungle. Let’s create paper-less culture so that we will preserve Malaysian trees. 😀

Tambahan: Osim uRobic&uZap


I also had a chance to try out Osim’s Urobic chair while waiting for my aunt (aiyah! shoe-shopping is her weakness lah). Sort like iGallop machine. It creates mass muscle movements from torso to abdomen and lower back. Since I had incident of backache, I only tried it for few minutes. Do not want to do more damage on my back muscle anymore. Costs RM1389, in case you are interested to buy lah. I prefer uZap. Got vibrator and sauna for abs, hips, thigh, buttocks and lower back. Costs RM689 at Osim outlets.


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