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I have been give a responsibility to undergo an online course called iThink. For me personally, I do not have much time to spend hours in front of my netbook hence I take some time at school to do this course bit by bit. This is the most efficient way to make teachers undergo a course without giving much pressure to travel far and leave the class. Here are the advantages and things you get from this online course.

  1. Teachers can do the course at home, in pyjamas (or pelikat).
  2. It is interactive as there is a mini helper at the corner of the screen.
  3. It is part of HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) strategy.
  4. The total of 16 hours is doable within 2 months.
  5. It has strong supportive group. Every time you like a comments, you’ll get points. It’s like Facebook.
  6. The passing mark is 60.
  7. They replied my feedback promptly.
  8. There is micro self-check at every module.
  9. It teaches teachers how to teach thinking in class by using visual tools.
  10. You cannot move on to the next module without finishing the first one. It applies Mastery Learning effectively.


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