I’m not a lazy blogger

I used to write a post per week. Ever since I started my job, God knows how fatigue I am. I am not fit, more stressed and less productive. After I got married, my husband advised me to be more energetic. Unlike him, I can’t rely on caffeine to make me feel like an energizer bunny. So I did walking up and down the stairs, shopping (the best exercise on earth) and try not to get evening sleep. Result: Shed some weight, feel a bit happy and glowy.

As I get pregnant, I become less interested with the world. During first trimester, it’s hard for me to stay up late and not to doze off at any time of the day. The abdominal pain, stretching uterus, coughs, allergy, fatigue and many more has made me write less post. However, I didn’t give up for Facebook because that’s the only way I can connect with the world without leaving the old-and-almost-bended-to-the-floor recliner chair (Translation* Husband, we need a new chair or our back will be broken). I did get some help from people’s post, comments and suggestions. I read up about pregnancy and feed my  curiosity with an ample amount of online research.


At home, I did research for the acronyms they use in ultra sound scan. The sonographer used alien language with the nurse when he takes measurement of my fetus.They did it to measure the growth and the rough age of the fetus.

  1. BPD stands for Biparietal Diameter- 18 weeks
  2. FL stands for femur length (the longest bone of my fetus!) – 17 weeks 2 days
  3. AC stands for Abdominal circumference – 17 weeks 6 days
  4. AFI stands for amniotic fluid -10 cm (to make sure the fetus grows healthily)
  5. EBW- I think it stands for Expected Baby Weight – 198gm <–so cute!

18 weeks pregnancy should look like this.

My fetus has already have arms and legs. He was playing with his hands and legs when my tummy was pressed hard by the sonographer.

Today is a peculiar and tiring day. I urinated in that specimen bottle twice, being scanned twice, need to go to here and there (too much procedure at local government hospital!), waited from 1040 until 1330. My car fuel ran out when I was searching for the parking spot. The only good thing was, I saw a drop dead gorgeous gynae from Oz (HSA is meshing their program with Monash U). Ecewah. Unfortunately, I was not his patient. I saw a few glances of him because I was waiting in front of his check up room. Jadilah. Haha~

Uh, uh. While I was doing my research, I stumbled upon this super funny blog post.

What pregnant women won’t tell you. Ever.

Till then, I pray to god to give me more time to do things that I love to do.

Prayer: My writing skill will vanish if I stop blogging. Please god, give me extra time to blog. It’s not that I hate my job. I just disagree with the system. Ehehe~

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