Please, Alice.

When I watched Alice in The Wonderland, I feel there’s an invisible hand gave a hard slap on my face. Pang. Why? It had mad me realize that:

  1. I haven’t been doing creative writing for quite a long time. Even my latest one is a crap. C’mon. It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t provoke any kind of thinking.
  2. I am actually able to make my own decision without being influenced by anyone and I am my own master. I am an easily influenced person. I am easily carried away by emotion and stress lately. I should be more like Alice. Start a journey that can make me find my ‘muchness’.
  3. I shouldn’t give in to anything that intimidate me. Like, my stress or my ***s.
  4. I haven’t make my dream come true yet. Too much hard work and less thinking had castrate my brain.  My dream of becoming a poet or a writer hasn’t been start. I haven’t started the journey. I am far from my dream.
  5. My thinking cap doesn’t work well lately.
  6. I dream less. It’s not a sin to be a dreamer and I used to be it. A dreamer will be able to rhyme, frolicking, dance with no one and talk to the mirror. Ops I forgot. Talking (or writing) nonsense is part of it too (like Lewis Caroll).

Since Tim Burton’s latest masterpiece was an eye-opener, I hope I’ll be more independent in making decision and braver.

Ps (self-note in case I forgot in the future): This is our second Tim Burton after Sweeney Todd.

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