We decided to stay at Tune Hotel for a night and here’s my review.This might help you to decide whether to stay or not.

  • Bathroom: Not that spacious but not that crammed. There’s a power shower with central heat. You have to be bit clever when controlling the heat because at first, the water take some time to be heated. After you stay at the same lever for couple of minutes, you’re going to find the water is extremely hot. So,  you have to play with the shower lever in order to get the ideal water temperature.
  • Addon:  Tune hotels works like Air Asia flight. In order to have extra perks, you need to pay a little bit of this and that. So we decided to take 12 hours air-condition, wifi and towel facilities. You have to add more money to your bill in order to have those. They should have come with complete package because we were tired travellers and we walk in, just to check  in like normal but tiba-tiba kena berbincang  which addon to take or to opt out. Haih. Ok. The towel package comes with conditioning shampoo, shower gel and a small bar of soap. The towel has deposit value of RM5. You will get back your RM5 back when you return the towel when you’re checking out from the hotel. Smart kan. Tak payah diaorang nak kutip lagi towel. Boleh terus masuk bilik laundry. Allright, we shouldn’t have bought the air condition addon because we arrived late in the evening and malam memang tidur tak pakai air-cond. Mistake. There’s a fan in the room. A big KDK fan. Air-cond is too much for a very small room. There’s another addon that I didn’t take, which is the TV. We’re on holiday so we don’t spend much time looking at the TV. I feel lucky we didn’t choose TV addon because it’s only a small TV. The size is same as my brother in law’s computer monitor. It’s Aquos but it’s small. You know. And the TV position is not that apt as well. Kalau baring kat katil tu nampak kaki lebih daripada TV. Get it?
  • Space: The bed is queen size. Other than that, the space is just big enough to walk to your bed. Even nak solat pun my husband kena keluar bilik. Cari other place because no one can pray in this tiny room. No space at all. They play with mirrors to make the room looks larger. They don’t even have wardrobe. They just put a small stainless-steel bar cloth hanger. No wardrobe.
  • I think that’s basically it. Nothing much. Very basic. If you want to budget, this is the place but make sure you book your room earlier. Like my case, we had to fork out extra because we did walk-in and to be honest, walk-in is never cheaper than online. If we were to stay at the same place, I’d opt out the air-cond (because I can’t stand the extreme dryness of my skin+selsema) and I’d bring extra stuff.
  • I’m quite surprised because I’m comparing this hotel with Seri Malaysia (SM). SM has almost everything that you need and it makes you feel like home. Got water jug, TV, 2 towels, toilet basics, a coffee table and 2 chairs, spacious room, wardrobe, sejadah, and so forth. And I paid RM100 only. But for TuneHotel, I paid RM100++ but I get less. So, experience is a priceless lesson. Anyways, travel safe, travel wise. Have fun and carpe diem.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Have been wondering how the service is like and won’t be recommending it to any friends traveling to Malaysia.

  2. there’s better option with that price. if you want a cheaper price, you’d have to book the room earlier. in my case, I didn’t get the cheap price and very crammed room. The most unpleasant factor is, there is no space to put a prayer map according to the kiblah. I would suggest Grand Borneo Hotel as it is next to Tune Hotel, and it’s in 1Borneo shopping mall. Same spot. More hotel facilities.

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