Tips for those who are wearing hijab

Disclaimer: I was doing some housekeeping and found my old magazine. I haven’t post about fashion for a long time. Thus, I’m giving a try to post fashion tips for Muslimah. I am combining Polyvore and WordPress and some of my personal tips. Whalla! (Translated from 3rd edition, September).

It is important to have some knowledge of fashion, even though you are wearing hijab. Hey, wearing hijab doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable. So I am sharing some tips for girls out there, to appear with confidence, graceful and moderate as a Muslimah should be.

1- Try to avoid bright and white colour. This will add more volume to your body. Try dark colours like dark blue, black and dark green. Do not have too much colour at one time. This will make you look like a ‘rainbow’, which at the same time, will attract many people.

2- For people who have round shape face, avoid floral pattern and bright colour tudung/hijab/shawl. Thin fabric, dark colour shawl will help your face to look oval. For small-face people, do not use thick fabric and large shawl as this will ‘drown’ your petite face. Choose soft fabric because this will make you look demure.

3- Abaya is the easiest to be put on but in Malaysia, usually we wear baju kurung. Another option is, you can wear tunics or jersey tops. They are loose, covers your hips and waist. Choose dark colours because it will make you look a bit slimmer.

4- Avoid dresses that only covers waist level. It is better to choose dress that covers your hips, which will match your image as a Hijabi.

5- Wearing jeans is not wrong as long as you choose the right one that suits your body type (you can read more tips from Gok Wan). I’ve seen people who are wearing really tight jeans and ends up showing people the ‘extra flesh’ instead of hiding them. To be safe, choose straight cut or carrot cut jeans.

6- Stripe! You can wear the zebra fashion, only if you are wearing it with other plain outfit. Vertical pattern is the safest choice, and will make you look slimmer.

7- Short sleeve tops can be covered using arm warmers but make sure the length is appropriate and the fabric is not a ‘sheer’ one.

8- Avoid: slit-left-or-right skirts if you were plus size person. The rest, depends on your commonfashion sense.

9- Sequined shawl: According to the magazine, for teenagers, it is better for one to avoid sequined shawl/tudung. Choose the blank pattern as it will give you a clean and confident look.

10- DO NOT tuck your shirt/tops into trousers or skirts which hugs your waist. Please. Wear a jacket or blazer to cover your waist if you want to do so.

To know more about fashion design course, kindly go to Lim Kok Wing or CENFAD.

UPDATE: To know more about hijab fashion, check out this blog

11 thoughts on “Tips for those who are wearing hijab

  1. yes, he is hot. he’s the host for ‘how to look good naked’. that show shows that beauty is internal, and women can work out what they already have 😉

  2. hahah. i saw the clip. i think that fabric absorbs light and camouflage with surrounding. reminds me of Harry Potter’s invisible cloak.

  3. I think they are very nice looking and very interesting. I like them all. I don’t know what to choose. I have my own sense of style. I can always use other peoples advice and help. I love shopping, but I am very careful. Well I need some help. If you can help me I’d be very happy and thank you so much.

  4. befr ths i ada bce ur cmnt 2 wana at emmagem.n u ada mention bout dress frm DP,cn i look at the dress.any picture,thnx!

    ‘ainee’ August 26th, 2008 at 1:05 am 3
    Hi Wana, I usually shop for tunics or long dress at Dorothy Perkins (in UK) but in Malaysia, the designs are very limited. There are nice dresses in Zara as well. I still have 1 unworn and once worn dress from DP, size 12 (black and red), in case you are interested. ‘

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