Being 23 years old.

Alhamdulillah (all praise to Allah). Allah gives me another chance to breath and taste this life. He allows me to live for 23 years. What would life be without Allah? I couldn’t imagine. It must be the worst of the worst. Lowest of the lowest. Life would be meaningless and restless. *scary* I know the fact that to err is human, and I am merely human who is always imperfect. And we as human should always ask for forgiveness from him. We always need help from Him and depending on Him. Merely a slave who needs His blessings and love (rahmat and rahmah). I wonder what would happen if God is angry at me? That is my greatest fear.

Today is UPSR as well and I miss my Year 4 pupils. They always flatter me with nice words and drawings. A girl told me “teacher I want to get you a cake but then that time is puasa”. I replied, “it’s OK. I don’t mind”. They told me that they want to get me something special for my birthday but I said “Your good result in PKSR and UPSR is the best present for me”. Alhamdulillah they agreed to study hard.

Celebrating birthday with my friends is really nice. I really appreciate their effort. But being blessed by Allah is priceless. I have another chance to improve myself as a Muslimah and living this life to the fullest 🙂

I already got my cupcakes. My pupils even gave me advanced birthday present (that was way before merdeka celebration). What else do I want apart from God’s blessings and happiness in life?

I thank god for giving me good friends as well. I thank god that I learned from them and living this life and making me being me. Being 23 makes me think more about life. Life in thereafter.

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